1. The customer selects the type of delivery

  • In Poland through: DPD courier company (cost PLN 15).​

  • In the European Union: Poczta Polska - registered parcel (the cost depends on the country - see below).

2. The delivery period is 7 days, unless the delivery date has been determined on an individual basis.

In the event of exceeding the deadline specified in the previous sentence, the consumer has the right to appoint additional time to the seller. If the goods are still not released, the buyer may withdraw from the contract.

3. Deliveries take place on working days, from Monday to Friday. On weekends and free days from work, deliveries are not carried out.

4. The seller is responsible for the risk of accidental loss or damage to the product until the consumer receives it, unless the consumer has chosen a different form of delivery than the delivery proposed by the Seller.

5. The buyer has the option of checking the goods at the time of picking up the goods and in the event of any damage, write the report in the presence of the supplier. Writing down the minutes is not a condition for submitting a complaint or for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract.

6. The goods are delivered to all EU countries.

Argentina - from PLN 50.00


Austria - from 34.00 PLN


Belgium - from 34.00 PLN


Bolivia - from PLN 50.00


Brazil - from PLN 50.00

Bulgaria - from 34.00 PLN


Chile - from PLN 50.00


Czech Republic - from 34.00 PLN


Denmark - from 34.00 PLN


Ecuador - from PLN 50.00

Estonia - from 34.00 PLN


Finland - from 34.00 PLN


France - from 34.00 PLN


Greece - from 34.00 PLN


Spain - from 34.00 PLN


The Netherlands - from 34.00 PLN


Ireland - from 34.00 PLN


Ireland - from 34.00 PLN


Canada - from PLN 43.00

Colombia - from PLN 50.00

Lithuania - from 34.00 PLN


Luxembourg - from 34.00 PLN


Latvia - from 34.00 PLN


Mexico - from PLN 43.00

Germany - from 34.00 PLN


Paraguay - from PLN 50.00


Peru - from PLN 50.00

Portugal - from 34.00 PLN


Russia - from 34.00 PLN


Romania - from 34.00 PLN


Slovakia - from 34.00 PLN


Slovenia - from 34.00 PLN


United States - from PLN 43.00


Sweden - from PLN 34.00


Ukraine - from 34.00 PLN


Uruguay - from PLN 50.00

Hungary - from 34.00 PLN


Venezuela - from PLN 50.00

Great Britain - from 34.00 PLN


Italy - from 34.00 PLN


On the next page, please provide the exact addresses of the purchaser and/or the recipient of the package. Make sure that correct address is selected, i.e. compatible with the delivery address given above.


After clicking 'Orders' button you will be navigated to the 'Order Summary' screen.u „Zamawiam” system przeniesie nas do Podsumowania Zamówienia.​


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